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  • Archive for July, 2006

    Red Sox 5, Royals 4 Whew!

    Random thoughts: Tonight’s game is the 991st ‘Tek will have caught for the Red Sox–breaking Carlton Fisk’s team record of 990 games. Can we PLEASE STOP talking about Doug Mientkiewicz and the freaking World Series Ball ??? It’s OVER.. And once you start talking about THAT, then Keith Foulke stats bitching about his freaking SHOES… […]

    Red Sox 4, Oakland 5, in 11 Red Sox 3, Oakland 15 Red Sox 7, Oakland 0 Red Sox 1, Oakland 8 I go to the shore for one weekend and THIS happens???

    What the hell happened? I spend 3 days at the Jersey Shore and my Red Sox have been replaced by the Little Sisters of the Poor? We have lost 3 of the last 4, been outhit 48-36, outscored 28-15, and have had 3 errors!! And this is playing against the team with the .244 batting […]

    No baseball for 23 1/2 more hours…

    I have decided to do Top 9 List… I know, I know, it SUPPOSED to be a Top 10 list- but anyone can do a THAT…besides, baseball has a starting 9… Here goes: Top 9 Players I do not want playing for the Red Sox–ever–not Including any current Yankee Players. (That would make it far […]

    Red Sox 5, White Sox 6–in 19 Innings!!! How am I supposed to go three days without Red Sox baseball??

    Wow…a hell of a game on Sunday night…some thoughts on that, the Home Run Derby and the upcoming all-star game… Can’t be too hard to Papelbon, it was only his 3rd blown save, most of the time he is completely automatic. Not real happy with Timlin’s performance, and CERTAINLY not happy with Rudy Seanez’s…but that […]

    Red Sox 12, Tampa Bay 5 It’s about FREAKIN time…

    …and all it took was a 6-RBI night by David Ortiz to right to ship (with props to Doug Mirabelli and Manny Ramirez with 2 each) When Manny hit the 2-run shot in the 1st I thought, ok, Wake just needs to buckle down and pitch one of those 1-run gems he is known for […]

    Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 5 Tonight, on a very special “Blossom”…

    MEMO To: Jason Johnson, (3-10) 6.35 ERA From: Red Sox Nation Date: July 5, 2006 Re: Your piss poor 0-2 record since you joined the Red Sox Dear Jason: Its not like we should be surprised, what with that STELLAR 55- 95 record you have…Did you know that your projected record this year is 6 […]

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