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  • July 30th, 2006

    Red Sox 7, Angels 6–In 11 Innings!!

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:59 pm in General No Comments

    Can I just tell you how worried I was that we were going to be in 2nd place today?

    With only a 1/2 game separating us from the Skanks, I had visions losing again, and they again pummeling the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (or the Satan Fish as I have heard them called…) and then having to hear how everyone KNEW the Skanks would get back to first because they KNOW they are going to win, no matter what……UGH…..

    Well, folks, that may still happen…But…NOT…TODAY…

    Big Papi (Has ANYONE submitted his paperwork for sainthood yet? Can we get a man on this?) comes through AGAIN! with a rally-starting homer in the 8th (his 35th) as part of a 3-run inning, tying the score…and then again in the 11th, with a single (“The Shift” be damned!!) to score A-Gon from 2nd base…I know he doesn’t ALWAYS come through–but doesn’t it FEEL like it???

    And how bout a great big round of applause for Skeezy Bastard??? His miscue in center caused THREE unearned runs, part of the NINE runs given up by Randy Johnson in yesterday’s 19-6 shellacking by Tampa Bay…Speaking of the Unit–he is now the proud owner of a sparkling 5.07 ERA….and LOOK at this line: 3.1 IP 6H 9R 6ER 3BB 0SO 1HR…Tehehehehe…

    And what about the Sox offering Cereal Boy (who is reportedly been very quiet and cranky lately) to the Pale Hose for Mark Buehrle? 24 hours to go until the trading deadline..this could get interesting…

    Congrats to Bruce Sutter who, after 13 tries, gets inducted today into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He is joined by 17 Negro leagues legends, taking their place among baseball’s all-time greats.

    Tonight: Curt Schilling, going for #14, vs John Lackey, 8:05pm–ESPN…I wonder if Joe Morgan will wear his pinstripe suit…

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