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  • July 26th, 2006

    Red Sox 13, Oakland 5 And Curt wins his 13th!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:41 pm in General No Comments

    I love it when it’s a laugher–and we are doing the laughing! It was great to see Trot hit the homerun in the 3rd, he has been slumping so badly…hopefully this will be the momentum he needs to snap out of it…

    Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett have this “thing” where each of them challenge each other to do well and such (I am thinking Pedro and Schill did not share the same camaraderie….) Apparently Beckett has been busting Schilling’s chops to match his 13th win, and in response to questions to that effect, Curt’s response was “It means he’s got to keep his mouth shut for four more days. That’s the most important thing.”

    From the “This wasn’t a good idea the 1st time we tried it, why are we trying it again?” Department: David Wells will not be taking a rehab outing at Pawtucket, with Tito pretty much confirming that David Well will opt out of a rehab start, and be returning to the rotation. Apparently, he will throw another side session and they will proceed from there to establish a date of return… Francona said: “…he threw the ball really well yesterday and I say this respectfully, he’s kind of a freak of nature… He gets out of bed, has a beer, whatever, he can throw strikes. I’m not too sure we’re interested in him getting out Triple A guys. I’d rather him get big-league hitters out. If we didn’t think he could do it, we wouldn’t ask him to.” Wells distaste for rehab starts is legendary, but he says if he needs one, he will do it…Wells has not been available to comment on his progress…

    Why why WHY are we doing this again???? How many times has Boomer said “No, No, I don’t need Pawtucket, I SPIT on Pawtucket!, and then he pitches a game and gets hurt or LIT UP, and then its all “yeah, well, I guess we should have made Wells go to Pawtucket, cause he’s obviously not ready…Crap…

    Monday, July 31, 2006, 4:00pm: The Trade Deadline: So…what’s it gonna be Theo?

    From the “Not worth 4 years, 52 million” Department:: Yankees centerfielder Johnny Damon missed his second straight game in Texas because of a sore back. He was getting out of a car the other day and his back just locked
    up…Looks like Theo made the right choice not to overpay for Skeezy Bastard…that all his injuries and playing through them is starting to take a toll…Kinda blasts a hole in Boras’ contract negotiation stratgery that Johnny
    could play for another SEVEN years….the Skanks will be lucky to get another 2 decent years out of him…

    Today: Kyle Snyder vs. Dan Haren, 3:35pm…what a WEIRD time to start a game…but it’s 11 times better than 10:05pm–No, I don’t know what that means , either…

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