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  • July 18th, 2006

    Red Sox 5, Royals 4 Whew!

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:18 am in General No Comments

    Random thoughts:

    Tonight’s game is the 991st ‘Tek will have caught for the Red Sox–breaking Carlton Fisk’s team record of 990 games.

    Can we PLEASE STOP talking about Doug Mientkiewicz and the freaking World Series Ball ??? It’s OVER.. And once you start talking about THAT, then Keith Foulke stats bitching about his freaking SHOES… And the only reason this is coming up again? Yep, Mientkiewicz is back–play for the Royals (O, how far we have fallen…)

    Coolest thing in last night’s game: 7th inning 1 out, 2 men on..Doug Mirabelli gets what he (and everyone else, except the umpire) thinks is ball 4, but its turns out to be a strike..next pitch? Into the Monster seats for a 3-run homer to tie the game 4-4 whoo hoo!

    In honor of Red Sox 3rd baseman Mike Lowell, the Lowell Spinners are changing their name to the “Mike Lowell Spinners” for their game with Vermont on July 29. Its a cute idea, and wildly amusing…This is the man that we took ’cause we had to..Now they are naming a team after him…

    A HUGE thanks to Dougie “Vowels” Mientkiewicz for cutting Coco Crisp’s single off in the 7th inning, allowing Manny to score the 1st run in the 4-run inning that tied the game…Odds are that they would have had Manny out by a TON if he has let the ball go through…

    Wake is getting a battery of tests today after being removed from last night’s game after the 4th inning…While he is still listed day to day, there is a really good chance he will go on the DL, which means we are trouble if Wells and/or Clement don’t step up and be dominant again…

    Some good news on the David Wells front–apparently he did pretty well after his side session the other day, and is slated to pitch a simulated game sometime this week…

    Looks like Wily Mo Pena will be back shortly…apparently just getting a few more at-bats with Pawtucket before being reactivated–and since we will then have far too many outfielders (and infield is not an option with him)–who goes? Obviously not Trot, Manny, or Coco…and the thought of Gabe going is completely unthinkable…only option left is Willy Mays Hays…

    Why can’t the Skankees just start losing…ALOT???

    Tonight: Jon Lester goes for win #5 against Brandon Duckworth, 7:05 p.m.

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