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  • July 16th, 2006

    Red Sox 4, Oakland 5, in 11 Red Sox 3, Oakland 15 Red Sox 7, Oakland 0 Red Sox 1, Oakland 8 I go to the shore for one weekend and THIS happens???

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:12 pm in General No Comments

    What the hell happened? I spend 3 days at the Jersey Shore and my Red Sox have been replaced by the Little Sisters of the Poor?

    We have lost 3 of the last 4, been outhit 48-36, outscored 28-15, and have had 3 errors!! And this is playing against the team with the .244 batting average and who had SIX errors in the same span!

    The worst part of all is that the Skankees have been WINNING, which means that really nice 3 game lead we had in the East? Yep, we are hanging on by a tenuous 1/2 game…HALF A GAME..

    Even the Yankees signing Sidney Ponson isn’t as amusing as it was when I first heard it…

    Some good news on the horizon:

    Dave Wallace was in the dugout the other night, in uniform, using a fungo bat for a cane, but our pitching coach is back! No disrespect to Al Nipper, who filled in admirably…

    Both David Wells and Matt Clement have thrown side sessions and seem to be on the mend. Now, if we can just stop them from getting hit with line drives…

    Third baseman Aubrey Huff was traded by Tampa Bay Devil Rays to the Houston Astros in exchange for two minor league prospects and cash last Wednesday…Whew! I was was concerned about the rumors I heard about him going to the Skankees…which would have sucked, ’cause he’s got a very good bat….

    Tomorrow: Wake vs. Luke Hudson 7:05pm–Tim’s back is supposedly better–we really need to NOT suck….

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