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  • July 4th, 2006

    Oh, the Injustice!!

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:02 pm in General No Comments


    Holy Buckets! How the HELL did this travesty occur? WHO in their right mind actually thinks that Ivan Rodriguez (the “other” Pudge) actually belongs on the All Star Team over Jason Varitek???? Huh? anyone? Bueller? But then again, over a million people actually think A-Fraud belongs there…so go figure…

    But, the final push to get Mark Loretta in over Robinson Cano worked, so that is a positive…and Ozzie “I dont know how to keep my mouth shut if my life depended on it” Guillen did the right thing and chose Jonathan Papelbon, although he did snub Curt Schiling and Josh Beckett…

    Some thoughts on last night’s game:

    Scott Kasmir has been known to beat the Red Sox for a while now–He’s 3-1 against Boston just this season–Why??? This lineup has seen him FOUR TIMES and still cannot figure him out? He’s a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Devils Rays!!!

    Speaking of Tampa Bay…..how can we come out of interleague play with a 12-2 record, including a 12 game winning streak, and not be able to bury this team? I don’t get it…

    Joe Maddon has to employ the weirdest-ass shift I have even seen when Big Papi comes up to bat….4 men in he outfield, his 2nd basemen about 25 feet back from where he normally plays, and then his third basemen practically plays 2nd base….I am still waiting for David to skip a bunt right down the 3rd baseline and fix their little red wagons..

    I liked it better when they were winning all the time… losing makes my head hurt…

    Happy 4th of July! This afternoon: Curt Schilling, and our old friend, Casey Fossum 4:15pm

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