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  • Archive for July, 2006

    Red Sox 4, Angels 10 As the deadline draws near…

    Between the whole sack o’ suck that was last night’s game, picking up some reliever from the Rangers they didn’t want anyway (whoo hoo!), David Wells pitching tonight WITHOUT a rehab start, the Skanks picking up a pitcher AND Bobby Abreu (to be fair, he has not been very good this year), Trot is hurt, […]

    Red Sox 7, Angels 6–In 11 Innings!!

    Can I just tell you how worried I was that we were going to be in 2nd place today? With only a 1/2 game separating us from the Skanks, I had visions losing again, and they again pummeling the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (or the Satan Fish as I have heard them called…) and then […]

    Red Sox 3, Angels 8 I turn my back for one minute…

    And complete and utter HELL breaks loose….and because the Skanks pummeled the Devil Rays, a mere 1/2 game separates us from total destruction (or at least 2nd place…) Some random thoughts: John Lester gets his 1st loss in 10 starts, so now his record stands at 5-1, 2nd start where he gave up 5 runs…hopefully […]

    Red Sox 1, Oakland 5 well, THAT was embarrassing…

    OK, now let me get this straight…Dan Haren, who hasn’t has a win in SIX WEEKS, and is the proud owner of a 7-9 record..actually held the Red Sox to four hits…FOUR HITS… There is only so many times I can have this crap erased from my mind before there is damage..I KNOW it… Since […]

    Red Sox 13, Oakland 5 And Curt wins his 13th!

    I love it when it’s a laugher–and we are doing the laughing! It was great to see Trot hit the homerun in the 3rd, he has been slumping so badly…hopefully this will be the momentum he needs to snap out of it… Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett have this “thing” where each of them challenge […]

    Red Sox 2, Seattle 5 Red Sox 8, Seattle 9 Red Sox 7 , Oakland 4 Overall, that could have gone better…

    Have I mentioned how much I HATE West Coast games? Holy Buckets! it sucks having to get up at the ass-crack of dawn only to find out your team was pummeled the night before–crappy news to process before I get my coffee…Fortunately, we got to do the pummeling of the elephants last night…. Some random […]

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