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  • June 30th, 2006

    Red Sox 9, Mets 4 Red Sox 10 Mets 2 Red Sox 4, Mets 2 Can you say TWELVE???

    Posted by Christine E. at 2:59 pm in General No Comments

    “I’m not disappointed at all. I think I won the game on one side…Not even a win would give me the satisfaction I got from the fans…I will always remember that as one of the best memories…I won my game, the most important game to me.” Pedro Martinez, after giving up 8 runs in 3 innings in the 10-2 loss to the Red Sox on Wednesday, July 28, 2006

    Sooo…how do you think his fellow teammates feel about THAT? As long as the Red Sox fans paid homage to HIM, the rest is less important as, I dont know, WINNING the game??? Think that sits well with them?

    Well, folks, SO glad to see that Pedro Martinez continues to throw his teammates under a bus, nor will he hesitate in making it ALL ABOUT HIM…Feh

    Wednesday night’s game could not have went any better if I scripted it myself…Pedro got his rousing ovation/love fest—and then we torched him for 8 runs…tehehe…

    Other thoughts from the last 3 games:

    Can we all stop talking about 1986 now? Please? Although if the Sox and the Mets get to the world series Fox will cram THAT down our throats…’cause Fox hasn’t has an original thought since…..1965?

    Coco Crisp: at the risk of sounding like everyone else…Holy Buckets…did you SEE that catch!!??

    David Ortiz: Not known for his speed, but he just put his head down and started trucking Thursday Night, not once, but TWICE..and because it needs to be said—WHY do people pitch to him at all?? I am glad they do, but wow……AGAIN with the very large insurance run in last nights game.

    Alex Gonzalez: How long has it been since we have had a shortstop of this calibre—Try NEVER. Hey, no one loved Nomar more than me, but A-Gon’s defense is AMAZING–and what about the 2 homers in the last 2 games? When we picked him up this winter, I thought he was going to be a great glove, but a sucking black hole in the 9 spot…Nope…

    Defense: GOTTA give the Big “D” its props—they have not made an error in 16 games! When is the last time That happened? I’ll tell you…NEVER…Remember the 2-3-4 error games? Remember the game we lost because of bad defense? Doesn’t happen anymore–and its a beautiful thing…

    In the last 12 games, the Red Sox have averaged 8 runs per game, outscoring their opponents almost 2-1..How long can this continue?

    Tonight: As we go for Lucky number 13: Jason Johnson (the castoff from Cleveland with a 55-94 record (??!!) vs. the Marlin’s Dontrelle Willis 7:35pm…oooooh boy…

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