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  • June 26th, 2006

    Red Sox 10, Phillies 2 Red Sox 5, Phillies 3 Red Sox 8, Phillies 7–in 12! Can we say NINE in a row???

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:04 pm in General No Comments

    Whooo Hooo! Our THIRD sweep! The boys are on a roll! It won’t last forever, but when they are playing like this, it reminds of that amazing run in August and September of 2004–and we all know how that turned out…I know, I know, its only June, there are plenty more games to play, blah blah blah…But its working now, and after the crappy showing prior to this streak, I’ll take it, for as long as it lasts…

    A few thoughts:

    Is there ANY other person IN THE WORLD you want at bat when a walk-off SOMETHING is needed? Saturday’s game…Big Papi at the plate…I call my fiance’s kids into the room and say “Watch, you’ll get to see a walk-off home run”. And holy buckets! He does it AGAIN…the Fox commentators said its only the 13th time–doesn’t it feel like a lot more than that?? And with today’s walk off single in the 12th, (#14) it was the 3rd he has hit one in the last 2 weeks!!! Ladies and Gentlemen: David Ortiz IS the MVP, I don’t care what the freakin writers say…

    And by the same token, is there anyone more automatic than Jonathan Papelbon? Except today…but how can you fault a someone whose ERA just rose to…wait for it… .045??? Yes, like 45 cents…

    The only thing worse that having a game rained out, is having the game rained out and the makeup game played the next day (a work day) at 1:05pm…so essentially I lost TWO days of baseball…

    I did not get to watch Friday nights game, nor did I get to watch the rest of today’s game. Because it’s considered a “local” game, it’s blacked out from everything except for local channels–none of which I get…Can’t someone get a man on this? If I got the local channel it would be one thing…but I don’t, so would it really hurt anything for me to get it somewhere else???

    Have I ever mentioned how PAINFUL it is to watch Rudy Seanez come in a give up a boatload of runs??? Today he ruined a perfectly good outing by Tim Wakefield. Yes, I know Tim left ’em loaded, but c’mon, did you have to clear the bases?????? This is about as automatic as Papi and Papelbon–but a lot more painful…

    Tomorrow: Pedro and his circus of merry men, also known as the Mets 7:05pm

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