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  • June 22nd, 2006

    Red Sox 11, Nationals 3 Red Sox 9, Nationals 3: And that is 6 in a row!

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:41 pm in General No Comments

    Whooo Hooo! 6 games in a row…too bad the Skankees could not have lost a couple more, but we will take what we can get…

    Some comments:

    A reporter asked Rudy Seanez what he thought about all the booing he gets at Fenway and he basically said something along the lines of “I don’t give a (expletive), it isn’t my job to care about that, it’s my job is to pitch.”
    That’s good pinhead, cause your doing a bang-up job of that. So, not only does he remind me of this arrogant assclown I know, his personality is the same…wonderful…

    Jon Lester is AMAZING! 10 strikeouts last night! He is going to be fantastic…unless someone does something crazy and trades him for Carlos Beltran or something…

    Julian Tavarez has lost his edge–you know, where you felt that he was always one throw away from going absolutely bonkers and chewing off his leg…I was watching him in last night’s game and I almost fell SORRY FOR HIM, like the tall geeky guy with bad skin you always felt sorry for? C’mon Julian! Nothing like a complete psychotic break to right the ship!

    Of the 5 Grand Slams Papi has, 4 of them have been with the Sox, and one with Minnesota, but, ALL of them have been at Fenway Park. Only 2 other players have had at least 5, but all at the same place. Cecil Cooper (1971-89)–five at Milwaukee’s County Stadium, and Ken Williams (1915-29)–five at Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis. How cool is that?

    We are 8-1 in Interleague play this year, with out only loss coming vs. the Phillies. Big difference from a few years ago when it seemed we lost every game.

    To boo or no to boo? With regard to Pedro returning next week. If I were there (if only) I would cheer him when he 1st came to the mound, and then I would hope that we knocked him around for about 8 runs in 2 innings. Why less animosity that Johnny you ask?

    1. Pedro is not a Skankee
    2. Johnny won’t STFU…ever…although since he bitched of his “embarrassment” about how the Skanks were playing, he’s been very quiet–edict from King George? Brain Implant? Bueller?
    3. It was never a religious experience when Johnny played…
    4. Did I mention Pedro is not a Skankee?

    Relative to the steroids scandal that is brewing–my feeling is, if you are cheating, you don’t belong in the game. If you are a cheater, your records should not stand and you should not be allowed in the Hall of Fame….there is no excuse for taking that garbage…NONE

    Day off today, then the Phillies again…UGH 7:05 Friday night.

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