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  • June 20th, 2006

    Red Sox 6, Nationals 3: 2 Games ahead in the AL East!

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:11 pm in General No Comments

    Wanted to try something different–an in-game blog. Wanted to start on time, but could not find the freakin remote–and for those of you who own TiVo, you know that without the remote, your TiVo and TV are pretty worthless….

    7:11pm: I tune in and it’s the top of the 1st, 2 outs and we are already losing 1-0, but the Snyder guy manages to get the strike out for the 3rd out. So, all told, 1 run on a Jose Vidro home run from this Kansas City Cast Off (KCCO) is not too bad…

    7:15pm: Bottom of the 1st: YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK! Base hit…he is SUCH an on-base machine…Gabe Kapler gets his 1st start in right, giving Trot the day off. Loretta up, fouling pitches off like a freak–that’s good, Mark, make this guy go through alot of pitches, get to their bullpen…he flies out to Center: Out #1

    DO and Remy tonight, talking about the Yankees and how they couldn’t use their bullpen last night because they were so depleted. Good news! Hopefully Torre will continue to use them to death, and by September, all their arms will fall off…Now isn’t THAT a cheery thought??? 😀

    Big Papi up–and of course that stupid shift is on–I like when he bunts and totally freaks out the infield. He pops out behind 1st base–2 outs. Manny up and he flies out to Center field, out #3, Youk stranded at 1st base.

    The new American Idol, Taylor Hicks, is now singing for Ford Trucks. Hmmmmmmm…He doesn’t strike me as that…rugged…But they did run my favorite commercial for Southwest Airlines with the science fair geek with the bad black tie and the squirrel–if you get MLB Extra innings, you’ll understand.

    7:25pm: Top of the 2nd: Kyle Snyder with his 3rd strikeout of the evening…curve ball is pretty impressive–looking good…maybe there is hope yet…but we need HITTING! I know it early–Correction; it’s never too early to
    put 5 runs on the board. Spoke too soon–Robert (I like to be called Robert) Fick just got a ground rule double…Feh…Showed the Nationals 1st baseman Nick Johnson–who used to play for the Skankees. Remembered most for his memorable “What’s my role?” question to Joe Torre when he was a bench guy–“you play when I want you to, and you don’t when I don’t. Otherwise, you shut it, pinhead.” Groundball to Alex Cora (who is getting the start in place of A-Gon) throws to 1st base, out #2, But Fick advances to 3rd…Brian Schneider with a base hit, Fick scores…Nationals up 2-0…Marlon Byrd flies out the left center for out #3.

    7:40pm: Bottom of the 2nd: ‘Tek gets a stand up double playing some wall ball…Lowell, he of the 5 game hitting streak, keeps that alive with a single, so now we have runner on 1st and 3rd, no outs…Coco Crisp up…base hit to left field, ‘Tek scores…Sox 1, Nationals 2. Kapler is up!! Whoooo Hooo!! But he lines out to right field…1 out. Alex Cora up, runners on 1st and 2nd, Cora is 4 for 8 against Toby Armas Jr.–Base hit to right for Alex–Lowell scores–we are now tied 2-2…National’s pitching coach visiting the mound…..now back to YOUUUUK! Who promptly GIDP…Feh…

    7:52pm: Top of the 3rd: KCCO back on the mound, with Soriano leading off–I cannot STAND him. The only useful thing he does is strike out alot–I didn’t like him when he was a Skankee, or a Ranger…and he strikes out again…tehehehe. When he as traded to the Nationals, he temporarily refused to play left field. It would have been fun to see what would have happened if he continued to refuse. Vidro up again, this time grounding out to Youk, who takes it himself. Now Jose Guillen…

    DO and Rem-Dawg just mentioned that JT Snow was designated for assignment, which means his time here is probably over…its a shame, because he is a good guy, decent player, but it was just a product of Youk and Lowell being better than expected, therefore too good to bench–finished that conversation just in time to see a fastball get launched at the coke bottle on the green monster–home run…Nationals 3, Sox 2. I really hope KCCO is not going to do this 1 run an inning crap…although he IS already better his last start (9 runs (5 earned) in 2+ innings!!!!) Daryle Ward Grounds out for the 3rd out…

    8:03pm: Bottom of the 3rd: Loretta up–and down on a fly out to right field: 1 out. Big Papi just walked with Manny up…who lines one to Soriano in left field: 2 outs…’Tek up…gets the count to full…and works a walk! Now men on 1st and 2nd for Mike Lowell, who lines to left for the 3rd out…HELL.

    8:11pm: Top of the 4th: Ryan Zimmerman leading off–struck out in his 1st at bat, and does it again! Hehehe…5 strikeouts for KCCO, who has thrown 56 pitches. Fick grounds out to Loretta: out #2, Royce Clayton flies out to Center–on 7 pitches, Kyle Snyder retires the side…

    8:16pm: Bottom of the 4th: Coco infield single, then GAAAAAAAAABE!!!!! Wall ball double–scoring Coco from 1st…Whooooo hooo!!! Score is now tied, 3-3… Cora with a sacrifice bunt to advance Gabe to 3rd, bringing up Youk, who grounds out, but Kapler scores-he is running well-Sox take the lead 4-3, with Loretta at bat…more wall ball–stand up double, missing a homer by less than 2 feet…this will now chase Armas from the game, bringing in Saul Rivera to face Big Papi…who gets a base hit, but then Loretta is thrown out at the plate…Cat Sh*t!!

    Heard something kinda weird: when Gabe went down with the ruptured Achilles last September, the raining/medical staff told Francona that he would be back around June 15 of this year…and he was activated on June 16.

    The horrible NESN commercial has been revamped…now some GUY is talking about how Papelbon is so intense on the mound…its still lame-o, and truly, NO ONE talks like that…but least they don’t have that vacuous “Manny…being
    Manny” girl who probably did not even know who Manny IS…

    8:35pm: Top of the 5th: Kapler makes a brilliant sliding catch in right for the 1st out…and then Coco with a catch in center for out #2…and the Soriano strikes out AGAIN for the 3rd out…whoo hooo!!!

    8:42pm: Bottom of the 5th: Manny strikes out…Varitek up, and grounds out for the 2nd out…Lowell up and works a walk…then Coco, who is 2 for 2 tonight…hopefully his slump is a thing of the past….but this time he grounds
    out to end the inning.

    8:52pm: Top of the 6th: KCCO is out of the game–have NO Idea why, as he completely exceeded expectations–and had only thrown 67 pitches. Now Van Buren is in…I KNOW we are going to have to see Seanez/Tavarez… UGH. Van Buren just gave up a double, which probably would have been a triple if Vidro hadn’t missed 2nd base and had to go back…Guillen strikes out for the 1st out of the inning…now Van Buren walks Daryle Ward…for Ryan Zimmerman, who manages to accommodate us and GIDP…

    9:06pm: Bottom of the 6th: Gabe gets an infield hit…Gaaaaaaaaabe!!!!! Cora is up…and reaches on a fielder’s choice, which narrowly misses being a GIDP… Now It’s YOUK!!!!!!! Who works a walk…whoo hooo!!! Men on 1st and 2nd for Loretta, who popped up…2 outs. Its time for a new pitcher for the Nationals: Mike Stanton, who pitched for the Skankees for years and pitched for us last year–for about 20 minutes–to face Big Papi,who grounds out to end the inning….

    9:23pm: Top of the 7th: Our other new guy, Javier Lopez is up, making his Fenway debut…he hasn’t sucked too much…hopefully that trend will continue…just announced Seanez warming; I will now stab myself in the eye… Bob (call me Robert)Fick grounds out for the 1st out…Then Royce Clayton (what the HELL kinda name is Royce Clayton???) hits the ball right to Lopez, who fields it well and throws to 1st for out #2,the next hit to Loretta for out #3. The whole inning-on 8 pitches…


    9:31pm: Bottom of the 7th: Leading off is Manny, who is 4 for 9 against Mike Stanton, who remains in the game. Manny gets a wall ball double…with ‘Tek up, who grounds out but advances Manny to 3rd, bringing up Lowell, whom they intentionally walk…to get to Coco, who they unintentionally walk. Now Stanton is out of the game…and the bases are loaded–for pitcher Jon Rauch (he’s 6 foot ELEVEN!!!) vs. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBE!!!!!! Who strikes out-and that is infinitely better than a GIDP…Now, Cora is up, working a walk to walk in a run. It’s SO much more fun when we do the walking in of runs! Youk is up, and promptly flies out to center…HELL!!

    9:54pm: Top of the 8th: ARGH!!!!!!! I was right…It’s Rudy! Facing Marlon Anderson…with TAVAREZ warming…how SICK is that??? If Seanez gets in trouble they will bring in Tavarez…like throwing freaking GAS on a forest fire…and of course Anderson gets a base hit…to bring up Soriano who has struck out 3 times…watch, Rudy will give him a home run…The man already is 2nd in the NL with 24. Cat Sh*t!!! Whew! Got the lead runner with a ground ball…but Soriano reached…1 out…Jose Vidro up…and he strikes out, but Soriano steals second ’cause if Seanez had any slower of a delivery he would be going freaking backwards!! 2 outs–Jose Guillen up, and strikes out! Even a blind nut finds a squirrel once in a while…

    10:08pm: Bottom of the 8th: Mark Loretta up…he tried to bunt….didn’t work out…and GUESS who they announced as a defensive replacement for the Nationals? Damien Jackson….remember him? The guy who had that horrible collusion with Skeezy Bastard during the 2003 Division Series…always had delusions he was Nomar–PUHLESS…Big Papi up, and flies out to Center…2 outs…Manny is up, and hits a home run over the monster! He is now tied with the Serial Killer (aka Gary Sheffield) on the all-time home run list with 453. Sox 6, Nationals 3. Just showed that Timlin would be out to close out this game (hopefully) in the 9th…’Tek gets a single to bring up Lowell, who strikes out…

    10:17pm: Top of the 9th: Holy Buckets! Now I understand why Bill Simmons doesn’t do game blogs more often, what a lot of work! Timlin in the game, facing Daryle Ward, who gets a base hit into left field….UGH

    New Flash: Skankees lost tonight. so, if we win this game–we are then 2 games ahead in the standings!!

    We now resume our regularly scheduled program: man on first, no outs, and Ryan Zimmerman is up. Timlin gets a GIDP with a beautiful grab by Lowell to Loretta to Youkilis…2 outs and Robert (don’t call me Bob) Fick is up, who flies out to Manny Ramirez to end the game!

    Red Sox 6, Nationals 3, W Kyle Snyder; L: Tony Armas, Jr.

    Tuesday: Wake vs. Levan Hernandez 7:05pm

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