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  • June 19th, 2006

    Friday, June 16: Red Sox 4, Atlanta 1 Saturday, June 17: Red Sox 5, Atlanta 3 Sunday, June 18: Red Sox 10, Atlanta 7 This time, WE do the sweeping!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:01 pm in General No Comments

    Unfortunately, I did not get to see alot of Red Sox baseball this weekend, but I have some comments on what I did see–plus some stuff I heard about…

    Why O Why O WHY does Terry Francona PERSIST in bringing Rudy Seanez and/or Julian Tavarez into games???? Last night’s game, Seanez comes in with 2 men on, and promptly gives up a 3-run homer!!! Why? Why? Why? And the worst part about it, he freaking GETS THE WIN, because the Sox had a 6-run 8th!

    A million runs (ok, it was 6) in one inning: I love when we get tons of runs with 2 outs, which is always the way it seems to work. It’s so much fun watching hit after hit after hit–and what about Youk and his homer?? And Mike Lowell with his ever-present double! Whoo Hoo!

    Another thing that made me ready to smash my TiVo off my head: bottom of the 8th, 2 outs, and ESPN goes to a shot of the bullpen, where Paplebon is warming–WITH JULIAN TAVAREZ! Thankfully, Tito was not completely brain dead, and brought in Paplebon (he of the .026 ERA!!!), but I was frightened for a few minutes….and the idea that he even CONSIDERED IT….shudder shudder…

    GABE KAPLER IS BACK!! GABE KAPLER IS BACK!!! Gabe is one of my favorite players–has a great attitude, he’s a good citizen, decent player, and is very nice on the eyes…the fact that he will never be a hall of famer is irrelevant–he is just happy being a part of the Red Sox and the Nation…and we are happy to have him…

    Matt Clement is on the DL: Can I just tell you how this warms the cockles of my heart??? Pull yourself together man!!!

    Our PITCHING staff is BATTING .333 in interleague play–helping themselves offensively, how cool is that?

    David Ortiz didn’t screw anything up playing 1st base, although there was that one play over the weekend where he should have made the catch, rather than make Jason try to catch it (he missed it, ’cause he tripped over a bat)

    Jon Lester was most excellent in his 2nd start on Friday night, getting his 1st win…Yeah! With 2/5 of our starting rotation on the DL, let’s hope this trend continues…

    Alex Gonzalez: Not only is his bat heating up, but 49 games without an error–breaking Rico Petrocelli’s previous record of 48 (over 2 seasons); Edgar Renteria who?

    Speaking of ‘Gar: 1 for 10 against the Sox this weekend…his only hit was a single in the 8th inning last night…Feh…

    And the BEST THING OF ALL…we are back in fist place…ALONE…

    Tonight: Kyle Snyder (Some scrapheap pitcher we picked up from freakin Kansas City!!!) vs. Tony Armas of the Nationals (who are still the
    Montreal Expos…) 7:05pm.

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