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  • June 15th, 2006

    Red Sox 1, Twins 8 So I guess Clement’s arm isn’t better…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:57 pm in General No Comments

    This is getting ridiculous…Clement was pulled in the 5th inning, after giving up his 6th walk…apparently the 8-9 days rest wasn’t enough, as his bicep is still cramping up…so its MRI day for him today. Last week, there was an article about how honorable he was being about missing a start because he gets paid “X” amount of dollars for every start above 30…huh? So being able to win games and be effective is secondary to you getting your work in, huh Matty? GREAT…GO ON THE DL if you are injured, no sense pitching if you Can’t…

    So Manny DelCarmen (who should have never been in that position to begin with) gives up the 2nd grand slam in as many days (!!), our offense decided to take the night off (except for Coco’s single homer), and the SUREST sign of the world ending: Rudy Seanez pitched a perfect 8th inning!

    I think moving Youk back to the leadoff spot and moving Coco to 8th was definitely a good thing…Youk has been fabooo there, doing everything a leadoff hitter is supposed to do: walk copiously, see a lot of pitches, even have some power. Let’s hope that Francona is smart enough to leave him there…

    And for the bad news…the Skankees are managing to get it done–and they are in 1st place… @*)*$@*&$*(&!

    Tonight: Wake vs. Carlos Silva 8:05pm : Hopefully Wake’s back is really better…

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