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  • May 31st, 2006

    May 30, 2006: Toronto 8, Red Sox 5: and 5 home runs later…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:26 am in General No Comments

    Holy Buckets! This certainly did not turn out the way I thought it would… Josh Becket got LIT UP… 7 runs over 5 innings… a completely ugly effort, beginning with Vernon Wells and his 62 homeruns (ok, it was only 3, but it FELT like 62) coupled with the fact that we could have won this game, if only ‘Tek hadn’t struck out with the bases loaded in the 6th, or ground out later in the game… Face it, the boys played like cat sh*t tonight…

    There was one bright spot-the “Z Boys” actually pitched 2 innings where they did not give up any runs! Yeah, I know, grasping…

    And in other such shocking news–ROGER CLEMENS IS STAYING IN HOUSTON!! WHY is everyone is up in arms about this???? Folks, unless you are a deaf mute living without a television in Bora Bora, the fact that Fat Boy Roger (that is his given name) cares about no one but himself should not be a huge shock… Did you really think he was going to leave Houston and his heterosexual life partner, Andy Petitte? C’mon, the dog and pony show for the last 6 months was only a way to stroke his ego and cause Houston to give him more money — like a MILLION DOLLARS A WEEK!

    So all of you who have been doing the cutesy “take the “T” off of Clement and change it to and “S” can stop it-RIGHT NOW… Bill Simmons said it best..

    Tonight, and Toronto goes for the sweep: 7:07: Some guy from AA vs. the Red Sox Killer, Ted Lilly — please line up at the Tobin Bridge is a quiet and orderly fashion. That’s right, room for everyone to jump.

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