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  • May 28th, 2006

    Spending Memorial Day Weekend with Rem-Dawg and Don Orsillo–and the Red Sox Sweep!

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:19 pm in General No Comments

    But of course, not without a whole BUTTLOAD of drama… Seanez and Tavarez, or the “Z Boys” as I have heard them called have really got to go….apparently there is this elusive pitch, it may even be a myth, I don’t know, but its called a STRIKE… I know, I know, there is no concrete evidence it actually exists, but if it DID, I think we could have gotten out of the 9th inning on Sunday night a hell of alot quicker…

    As I was watching the game and Seanez loaded the bases, I am thinking to myself, “they have to bring in Tavarez, because you can’t bring Manny DelCarmen in with the bases loaded, that is too much pressure for the young Pawtucket guy. Hindsight being what it is, maybe it would have been better for him to come in, give up the grand slam, and go from there…

    To be fair, Mirabelli DID screw the pooch on the whole “passed ball that wasn’t thrown by Wake” thing. And WHAT is up with THAT? He catches the screaming demon of knucklers, for 8 innings and then can’t catch a regular ball? Bizarre-o……

    Mike Timlin being on the DL is gonna hurt us… BAD… Damn the WBC! But at least Coco is back!

    Off to Toronto-Doc Halladay vs. Goalie Clement… ooooooooh boy… 7:07

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