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  • May 18th, 2006

    Thursday, May 18, 2006…Last night’s game: Red Sox 3, Orioles 4

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:06 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Now, let me get this straight……Willie Harris, who is batting like .063 (yes, like 63 cents) comes in to pinch run during the top of the 9th, we are down by 1, with 2 outs, with Trot Nixon at the plate with a 2-0 count against him…..and even though he was told not to steal, fully understood the sign and what was expected of him, decides that he is more suited to making that decision that the whole management staff and attempts to steal…and gets tagged…game over. We lose…..

    And after the game, he is all contrite and says how he screwed up, and of course Francona, instead of blasting his sorry ass into next week, says that 63 cents did not lose the game, the game was lost in the middle inning when they did not score….

    Ok….last time I checked….a game is not won or lost until the fat lady sings, which to me, is the final out in the 9th inning (or later, in extra innings) Just look at the Yankees and that debacle of the other night…they were down 10-1 in the 3rd (which caused much dancing and singing in the house of Christine E.) and we all know how THAT turned out….UGH

    I also understand that if he had successfully stolen 2nd base and we had won the game, or we had lost by strike outs or the like, none of this would probably even be mentioned. And while I am glad that our manager backs his players, but I really hope that he ripped 63 cents a new one when the press was not around; Better yet, why don’t they send his ass back to Pawtucket, and bring up someone who is at least batting, I don’t know, $1.50?

    Day off today – I hate days off… and tomorrow the Phillies – I hate the Phillies…7:05pm

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