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  • August 23rd, 2016

    Red Sox 6, Tampa Bay 2:
    Holy Buckets! First Place!

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:11 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    For the first time in a while, the Sox have reclaimed first place in the AL East–even if they are currently sharing it with Toronto, who did not play last night. This leaves the Oreos 2 games behind the two ballclubs. And where are the Skanks, you ask? SEVEN game behind…. ha ha ha ha…

    The Sox have 4 against the really sucky horrible Rays this week, (although they have been much better as of late–figures) which can be a GREAT opportunity to gain some ground–Let’s hope they take advantage of it…

    David Price pitched like the Ace he is supposed to be, throwing 8 scoreless innings, giving up only 2 hits in the contest. Throwing 116 pitches, for strikes, he struck out 8 and walked 2. It was Matt Barnes who gave up the 2 runs in the 9 inning, although he did strike out 2…

    And what about that play! Andrew Benintendi, who is not only hitting the cover off the ball, with a triple slash of .306/.353/.468, with a homer, 10 RBI’s in 19 games, made one of those “holy crap, did that really happen???” kind of plays in the 8th inning when he almost went ass over teakettle on the outfield wall and came up with the ball, then immediately threw the ball in. This is one of those you need to see to believe… Read more…

    August 12th, 2016

    Red Sox 2, Skanks 4:
    Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:53 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments


    So.  THAT certainly didn’t turn out as expected.

    And while there are many things that could be blamed for this abysmal series loss against the Skanks, such as:

    Hanley’s 0-5 on Tuesday night, especially after The Large Father was intentionally walked TWICE,

    Newbie Andrew Benintendi’s error in last night’s contest (which naturally was hit by Jacoby Ellsbury) ended up costing the Sox 2 runs, and ultimately the game.

    The ENDLESS opportunities to bury the Skanks in both games. The Sox left 11 on Base on Tuesday and 9 on Thursday

    The fact that Stephen Wright, could not start last night because John Farrell decided to have him PINCH RUN on Sunday and then he jammed his shoulder diving into a base. All because he didn’t WANT TO WASTE A PLAYER. So they waste the arguably best pitcher the Sox have.

    Brilliant. Read more…

    August 9th, 2016

    August 9, 2016:
    Playing the Skanks in the Middle of the Week…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:54 pm in Baseball,Red Sox | No Comments

    It is always weird to me when the Sox play the Skanks in the middle of the week, and this year, they are doing it twice. The 3 games now and the last 3 contests between the two at the Stadium during the last week of September.

    Seems like baseball is taking the loss there, not shoving Red Sox/Skankee baseball down the world’s throat as the Fox game on Saturday, and the ubiquitous 8:00pm ESPN Game on Sunday. Personally I think it’s a bit much anyway, as there are 28 other teams in MLB baseball, and they too should get a turn…

    Besides, the Sox and Skanks series are not as compelling as they once were…and this year, they are even less so. At this point, I just want to see them win the season series–because if the Sox do not have what it takes to get to the postseason (not that I am ready to concede that yet), it will be content if the Skanks don’t either. So with that… Read more…

    August 8th, 2016

    Red Sox 5, Dodgers 8:

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:32 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    …And in this case, “3” is not a magic number…It stands for the number of games the Sox are behind in the AL East, behind both the Oreos and Toronto …AGAIN

    So, AGAIN David Price crapped the bed for his 8th loss of the season, although if the 3 errors made did not result in the 3 unearned runs charged to Price, the score would have been tied.

    Although, as ugly as this game was, it’s likely the Sox would have found another way to lose…

    His line: 5 IP, giving up 6 runs (3 earned) on 6 hits, including a homer, while walking FIVE (!!!) and striking out 3. He threw 100 pitches, 59 for strikes.

    And then there was Tazawa who gave up 2 solo homers in his 1 inning of work—and of course one of them was to Adrian Gonzales (BLECH). But shockingly, that Clay Person came in and pitched a damn near perfect 8th inning, giving up just 1 hit…and not even a homer or anything. Read more…

    August 3rd, 2016

    Red Sox 4 Seattle 5:
    Uh, What the FRACK Just Happened Here?

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:20 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments


    As is the case with game played on the Left Coast in the middle of the night, unless they are on the weekend, I rarely if ever make it to the end of the game. Last night’s contest was no different, although I  when I last checked the Sox were up 4-1, and David Price had just given up the 1st run in the 8th inning.

    So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and saw that the Sox had, in fact LOST THIS GAME.  And to add insult to injury, it was as a direct result of Robinson freaking Cano hitting a 3-run homer off the Sox only trade at the deadline: Fernando Abad. So Abad let David Price’s 2 inherited runner’s score, which also aggravates me, because I hate that the pitcher who allows the runners to score does not get penalized. Add to that I was JUST saying in my post from YESTERDAY that one of the facets of Abad I like is that he has only given up two homers ALL SEASON. And then what does he do? 5 pitches into his Red Sox career, HOMER.


    And when I went to bed last night, I thought to myself: “OK, David, you have 4 runs–don’t blow it”. And what does he do???? Read more…

    August 2nd, 2016

    Red Sox 2, Seattle 1: Let the Benintendi Era Begin!

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:28 pm in Baseball,BBA,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    Although the Sox moves at the trading deadline were less than impressive, there is some excitement in the air: Highly-touted prospect (#2 in the Red Sox organization and #7 in all of baseball) Andrew Benintendi has skipped AAA and will jump right into the pool, starting in Left Field for the Red Sox. A left handed hitter, Benintendi has been hitting very well in both Single and Double A, with a .312 BA between them.

    Oh, and did I mention he has played 97 games (34 in Salem and 63 Portland) TOTAL? And is only 22? With him in left, Mookie and right, and JBJ in Center, holy buckets, that is an AMAZING outfield for like the next 10-12 years….

    Neato stat: while it is rarer for a player to skip steps in their ascension to the majors, it did occur for the Red Sox not that long ago, to a player you may have heard of: Jackie Bradley, Jr.

    And yes, Dave Dombrowski did address a bullpen need, signing left-handed Fernando Abad from the Twins, who is 1-4 in 30 appearances in 2016. He also has a 2.65 ERA, and has struck out 29 in 34 innings. I like the fact that he has only given up 2 homers in that span, because I really hate it when pitchers do that.

    But for all the deals Dave tried to get (Chris Sale and Carlos Beltran were among some of the names bandied about), Abad was the only one that stuck. Read more…

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